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It wasn't until moving back to North Carolina from Arizona, did Victoria find herself falling for a passion that she didn't know was there. After taking a job at a country club waiting tables, she found herself jumping at any opportunity to work weddings with the venues Event Planner. Fast forward 2-years later, along with some guidance from those in the industry, Victoria had the opportunity to take over as the Event Planner for that same club. Wanting to continue on this passion in the wedding industry, Victoria took three other positions with different venues over the next six years learning management, sales and design, all before deciding to open her own wedding planning company - Cardinal Events. 

When it comes to planning a wedding, you will find that Victoria is as passionate for your wedding, just as if it was her own. Victoria's favorite part of the weddings is the day-of (this is where you will find her in her element). When the opportunity to finally bring everything together and having the honor to experience these special moments with you, is the most rewarding feeling. Victoria's coordination style is described as direct, precise, flexible and timely.  

Victoria lives in the Raleigh area with her husband Ben, their daughter Evelyn, their British Shorthair cat Clarke, and are expecting their second child in the summer of 2022. When not working, you will find Victoria spending time with her family. She loves trying new restaurants, hiking, baking and taking her daughter on adventures. 

Victoria Katenkamp

Owner & Planner 


Why a cardinal,

There were several times throughout the last few years that an idea for name would be brought to mind, but the question asked would always be "What do we stand for?". I didn't want to just create a business, especially one that was going to hold such an impactful time in people's lives, without having a meaning that would inspire, so I waited. I waited, and then I received my sign from God - a cardinal. These beautiful birds have always held a special connection to my family, so after seeing one, I was intrigued to learn more about them. What I found was that cardinals represent devotion. They represent courtships, loving relationships and monogamy. They signal a loved one is near. Provide good fortune and signal loyalty above all. Their presence is undeniably a beautiful gift from God, and I felt that having a cardinal, either physically present or spiritually, at your wedding would mean that everything they represent would become the foundation to your marriage.